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Maybe they are using a cheaper nylon than they used to?

This is a pretty new ‘wolf size’ Nylabone, which replaced a Gallileo that was chewed down to a little lozenge shaped nub. I remember when these things used to last forever… Or maybe that’s because most dogs I’ve had before didn’t really chew them?



So it’s been a really long time since I updated this site at all. Partly because of some technical issues, partly because the layout could really use a facelift and I just don’t have time to sit down and dig into it, partly because of some events (like Cricket’s passing) that I didn’t want to deal with posting, and, well, partly out of laziness. It was just easier to post a quick snapshot and comment on Facebook, and maybe felt more interactive to do so. But I am growing ever more disenchanted with that platform and their constant changes, invasive ads,  and algorithms that choose what you get to see, I feel more disconnected than connected on there, half the time I don’t even see Joy’s updates unless I go looking for them. I think it’s time to focus more on using this blog again… even if no one actually visits it because everyone else is on Facebook.

I feel kinda bad for roasting this pepper…