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Run free, sweet Olive… you almost made it to 17

This is another ‘backpost’ that I am not actually putting up until way after the fact… I feel bad that  I didn’t say something here at the time, though I did put it up on Facebook, but we were still reeling from losing Simon when this came out of nowhere.

RIP Olive

We lost Olive suddenly after an intense flare-up of a chronic intestinal problem she had. It shouldn’t have been unexpected, but it was still a shock. Maybe her and Simon are cuddled up together in a sunbeam somewhere now. Olive had her issues, and her relationship with the other animals was a big source of unrest in the household for many years, but she was a sweet cat who was deeply empathetic – if someone was upset, she was always right there to comfort them.

She had a long life and she was in chronic pain from her old injuries, but she deserved a better death than to be rushed to the vet in agony. I am so, so sorry, Olive. May you run free and be whole.

Gwen moves on to a happy new life!

*This was originally posted on Facebook, and I am backdating it and copying it here.

Farewell, Gwen

So I have been holding off on saying anything till we were sure things were going to work out, but now that we know for sure, I’m both happy and sad to announce that Gwen has a new home. Those who know the situation with Gwen know that there have been a lot of challenges in living with her in our house. It was a bad fit right from the beginning; she was very stressed by our household and in turn made everyone else anxious. We, the cats, and Gwen all made the best of it, but when we finally got her skin issues under control we realized that continuing for another decade or so wasn’t fair to anyone, especially Gwen herself. We figured finding her a better home was a longshot, but we had to at least try…

Apparently the universe was looking out for Gwen – a couple came to meet Gwen with their little Boykin Spaniel and everyone hit it off right away. She has been at their house for three weeks and has fit in wonderfully, and with thirty acres around her, she’s no longer on a hair trigger startling at any little noise. She hangs out with her new sister, and goes swimming, and watches TV in bed in the evenings. Her new family loves her, and she’s doing great… and she’s home.

We’re having to learn not to tense up when a car drives up the road next door, waiting for the explosion that will no longer come, and the cats are slowly learning to relax again. I really do miss her, but she’s so much better off. When I got the email that they wanted to make it ‘official’ I got a big lump in my throat… what a wonderful outcome.

All I ever wanted was for Gwen to be happy.

P.S> A big shout-out to Boykin Spaniel Rescue for helping to make this happen!