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Sterling and Ziggy

Back from the dead

I finally found the time to deal with the horrific comment spam overrun that had occurred a couple of years ago when one of the anti-spam plugins on this site failed. There were so many that I couldn’t clear them manually, and I didn’t want to delete all of the comments in bulk and lose the older (legitimate) comments. I didn’t have time to deal with it so I deactivated the site until I ‘had time’ to fix it. Little did I realize that health issues, another house move, and, well, life would get in the way and it would sit in that state for well over a year.

The issue with the broken WPG2 Gallery2 integrator (and the discontinued Gallery2 program itself) has also mostly been resolved. The plugin I used to import the gallery items into the native WordPress format is itself no longer being developed and wasn’t tested on the current version of WordPress, so I’m not sure it got everything without breakage – it kept timing out – but it seems to be working. I’ll test more later.

I’m not sure how much updating this site is going to get from this point on, but I’ve at least restored access to the existing content. It’s kind of hard to look at some of it; there’s lots of heartache and loss there, but deleting the blog didn’t feel right.