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About Us

Chris, Joy, Cricket, Lindsy, & SimonMeet the humans behind the Critterweb: that’s me, Chris, on left with Cricket, Joy is on right with Simon, and Lindsy is the big brown dog in front of us.

We are both former veterinary technicians, and Joy has also worked as a trail guide and animal control officer; all of our current critters (and most of the past ones) are rescues from the clinics and shelters we’ve worked at. I’m now in the IT field; my current job involves networking and PC repair. I previously have done VoIP telecommunications support as well as software technical support for Microsoft and American Express. I also do some freelance web design from time to time as well as maintaining the Bull Terrier Neurological Disorder Resources site and Yahoo group. Joy currently works downtown at a dog bakery. (no, they don’t bake dogs, they bake pastries and cookies for dogs!)

In the past eight years we have moved 9 times; all the way to Tucson, Arizona, then to Dallas, Texas, then back home to Asheville, North Carolina. Since neither of us are much good at writing letters or phone calls, this is blog is our way of being able to share our lives with our friends and family scattered across the continent. Anyone else will probably find it a bit boring… unless they happen to be animal nuts like us. Welcome to all, regardless 🙂 Don’t expect a lot of deep political insight or socially relevant commentary… but if you find it fascinating to find out the latest inconvenient place one of the cats has vomited (currently, in their own food bowl) or what stupid thing one of the dogs has done (Maggie had diarrhea for two days because she ate spackle we were filling nail holes with) please stay tuned! 😉