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RIP Simon 07/04/2001 – 05/29/2014

RIP Simon

I can’t even put into words what an awesome cat he was, how much he meant to us. He was kind and gentle and super smart, he was always the ‘mother’ to babies we brought in the house, and anyone who was sick. He loved to dance and sing, and if you ever saw him do it you’ll know I am not making that up. He had more pain in his lifetime than one being should have to suffer and he was so stoic that when started to have more difficulty walking than usual, we though it was arthritis and had no idea of the terrible thing growing inside that was about to take away his life.

He was wonderful, and he was always there… and now he’s not. Our hearts are broken.

You. Are. In. My. Space.

Simon was not in a sharing mood.




Season’s Greetings from the Critters


Happy Halloween, everyone!

Another Halloween has come and gone and the critters have the mental trauma to prove it. I’m just kidding, of course, they always have a good time and scarf up lots of treats, and even Winter was fine with the costume once we took the hat part off. Cricket loves costumes and actually had been wearing hers for days before.

I didn’t quite get these up in time so I cheated and back-dated this post.

Catwoman is not amused.

(zombie) Fairy Princess

SuperCalvin: able to pick tall scratchers with a single bound.

Catwoman takes her aggressions out on her pollock.

Fairy princess, Catwoman, and cheerleader Gwen.

Handsome Simon-shark

Ishi doesn’t know what sort of foolishness is going on, but she’s not impressed. We knew better than to try and put a costume on her.


Calvin, Winter, Cricket, and Gwen

This is a really blurry shot, but it isn’t often I can catch (almost) everyone in one frame. Olive didn’t quite make it into the shot.

Two superheroes and a shark with a wardrobe malfunction.

Cricket’s life just flashed before her eyes. Luckily, she’s blind and missed it.

The following drama was viewed from a patio chair earlier. It’s unfortunate that my camera doesn’t have video capture, so I couldn’t catch the butt-wiggle Calvin was doing when he crouched down stalking the ‘prey’.

“Hey look, it’s that little dog. Wanna tackle her when she goes by?”

“Ok, get ready, here she comes… on the count of three: one! two!…”

(Cricket wanders by)

“I thought you were gonna tackle her?”
“I thought you were.”
“Yeah, but then it just seemed like too much work. I can get her later when she tries to get a drink of water.”