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This might just give me nightmares

Since I spend most of my day driving, I have become addicted to podcasts, which I can play in the platypus to my heart’s content because it will play CDRWs with MP3 files. I try to pass things I have listened to on to Joy but invariably forget (or garble) the details. Joy on the other hand has a constant Internet connection at work, so she has developed a large collection of blogs she regularly reads. She can simply send a link on to me when she wants to share something. The thing is, what invariably happens is that my short attention span and overall click-happy tendencies often lead me into a maze of increasingly strange subject matter. Which is how I got to this:

I am posting this to shame Joy

Kitty Wigs

If only the giggling that accompanied this link could be conveyed as well… our cats should be very, very afraid right now.

Actually, while we are on the subject of “just what does Joy spend her days at work doing?” here is another link:

Stuff on My Cat

By the way, if you are actually paying attention, you will realize that we are sitting here posting this on a Saturday night, which does not speak well of our social life… or rather the lack thereof.

Video: An engineer’s guide to cats

This clip makes Joy hysterical-weepy-giggly every time she watches it.

I guess the updated WordPress must be a little more video-friendly… the last time I tried to embed a clip the entire page self-destructed.

Um, we won’t be buying any of these products

Wired Gallery: The Most Curious Canned Goods Found Online

Warning: this link is not for the squeamish. If the thought of canned duck fetuses sends you running, you might skip it. One of the comments kinda sums it up: “I just threw up in my mouth.”

Weird little optical illusion

A coworker found this today. Pretty neat.