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Pete finally has a family of his own!

We had something great happen this weekend — Pete was adopted! He now lives with Sarah, Ashley, Scout, Clover, and a hamster (whose name we didn’t catch)  😉  in Cullowhee, NC. He’s settling in great and already bonding with his new big sister Clover, and stealing bones from his brother Scout. They sent us pictures today and gave us permission to put a couple up…

Pete (now Jager) in his new home. He looks so content…

Scout, Clover, and Jager – check out his new t-Shirt 🙂

It was a bit sad to say goodbye but we’re so happy to see him go to a home of his own and feel good to have been able to play a part in that happening. A heartfelt thanks to everyone else who also helped him make it to his new life!

The latest on Pete, who still needs a home


Pete had his surgery last week, and everything went fine. He’s been back for his recheck/suture removal and the vet is pleased with his progress. They showed us how to do physical therapy with the leg to help with regaining range of motion, and he’s using it quite a bit. He weighed nine pounds at his last visit so he’s probably not going to go over fifteen pounds as an adult, I wouldn’t think.  We’ve got some flyers we’re going to put up, and put the word out with a few local rescue contacts.

He’s an awesome little guy and we like him a lot but we’ll be relieved to see him go off to his new home. With the hardwood floors and a much larger puppy in the house, this isn’t the best enviroment for a small recouperating dog and the vigilance needed to keep him safe — especially since he and Paddy keep trying to play and wrestle — does wear on us.

We had to reschedule Pete’s surgery, but he’s doing great!


He was supposed to have surgery Tuesday morning, but Monday night he broke with nasty diarrhea and was very subdued in the morning. The vet suggested we reschedule for Thursday just to be safe. I brought him home and offered him some breakfast, since he’d been fasted for the surgery, and he wouldn’t even eat some of Cricket’s boiled turkey and rice. His guts were gurgling and bubbling ominously. Neither of us voiced the dreaded P word out loud, but the thought of parvo definitely was in Joy’s mind and mine. I gave him some pepto and hoped for the best.

I came home from work to a wild, sassy Pete. Apparently his stomach ache was all better. He still had diarrhea, though, and still had it today so Joy ran a fecal at the shelter. He was loaded with hookworms in spite of being dewormed less than a week ago. We called the vet again, and the surgery got moved to Monday. We hate to keep delaying but hookworms can cause anemia and lead to bleeding issues.  He’s got a course of Panacur to wipe out the hookworms, and hopefully there will be no further delays so he can be on the mend and ready for a home.

The picture above shows him with his favorite toy, which I guess will have to go with him to the vet hospital on the day of the surgery since he carries it around forever.  How cute is that face?